Statement of Policy


The purpose of this document is to establish procedures for students, faculty, and staff to obtain approval and reimbursement by Valparaiso University for authorized business-related expenditures.

Statement of Policy

Valparaiso University supports authorized business travel of students, faculty, and staff. The University will reimburse travelers for reasonable business expenses incurred provided the travel is approved by the appropriate supervisor. The University will reimburse the traveler for actual, authorized travel expenses as submitted on a properly completed Travel Expense Report. Employees should practice moderation in all expenditures for travel, keeping in mind the mission, non-profit status, and budgetary constraints of the University.

Departmental Budgetary Discretion

Budget officers, departmental supervisors, and administrators may place a limit on trip expenditures due to limited funds  or budget constraints. If there is a set limit on funds available for a trip, the budget must be communicated to the traveler at the time the trip is approved and in advance of all expenditures. The travel expense reimbursement report must include actual expenditures. The maximum reimbursement amount must then be specified on the report.