Valparaiso University Police Department



Welcome and thank you for visiting our Valparaiso University Police Department website. My goal is that this site assists you in finding information and understanding some of the services the great women and men of the Valparaiso University Police Department provide to the campus community. Our department’s foundation is community policing and emergency readiness. We are honored to serve the campus community to keep it a safe and enjoyable learning community.

—Chief Becky Walkowiak

Valpo Safe App

Valparaiso University makes the safety of our students, faculty and staff its highest priority, so we’re giving you a new way to feel secure on campus with the Valpo Safe app, available now on Google Play and the Apple Store. Download this app to your mobile device and have safety and support resources at your fingertips. This app requires no password, log-in, or special access code. So long as you or your visitors are on campus, the tools on Valpo Safe are available as needed. Take a look at everything Valpo Safe has to offer:

  • 911 Emergency: gives you the option to call off-campus 911 or VUPD 911 with the touch of a button.
  • Panic Button: sends your location to VUPD, while at the same time placing a call to dispatch.
  • VUPD Walk: For users that do not wish to make a call unless absolutely necessary, VUPD Walk will send VUPD the user’s real-time location, allowing campus police to monitor them remotely and dispatch assistance to their location with the push of an emergency button.
  • Friend Walk: similar feature to VUPD Walk, but the user’s location is instead sent to a friend, who can also be called with the push of a button.
  • Report a Tip:  Should you see any suspicious activity, allows you to call or text anonymously, helping VUPD stay ahead and keeping campus safe. 

In addition to active safety services, Valpo Safe also includes campus maps, emergency situation guides, support resources, and more.

Valpo Safe will work alongside the existing RAVE text message alert system. In addition to texts, severe weather alerts and other emergency notifications will appear at the top of the Valpo Safe screen as they are sent out to campus.

Contact Information

Valparaiso University Police Department

813 LaPorte Ave.
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383-4523
Phone: 219.464.5430

In case of an emergency, dial 911
Fax: 219.464.5197