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Dual Credit and Placement Policies

1. Students who have earned college credit for high-school courses in a Dual Credit program may transfer that credit to Valparaiso University.  The credits will generally count as foreign-language credit.  At the 203 or 204 level, these courses will generally count toward the General Education Foreign Language requirement at Valparaiso University.  Students should consult the General Catalog to determine their particular General Education requirements.

2. Students must request that the college transcript be forwarded to Valparaiso University for analysis and transfer of credit.

3. As is the case for all transfer credit, no retroactive credit will be granted, even if the course transferred in is at the 203 level or above.

4. Any student who is considering continued study of a foreign language should take the Valparaiso University placement exam, whether or not the student plans to transfer in Dual Credit in that language.  This allows them to determine with greater accuracy the appropriate level in which to enroll.  (No credit is granted based on a student’s score on the placement exam.)