CC 300 HX: Studies in Theology, Health & Healing (Upper Level Theology Requirement)

CC 300 HX: Studies in Theology, Health & Healing

3 Credits
Professor Holman
TR 3:00 – 4:15 pm
Cross-listed with THEO 346 AX

Fulfills upper level theology requirement.

Seminar Theme: “Health Matters: Social Practices of Medical Care across Christian History”

Goal: To invite students to begin to think creatively and critically about the complex connections between spirituality, religious practice, the history of medicine in the Christian tradition, and community health around the world today. This seminar will focus on the material culture of health narratives and practices. Each week we will explore a different, small, glimpse—a story or snapshot of a person, text, or moment in Christian history—where people of faith were engaged in a health-related topic or practices related to issues that continue to shape beliefs and practices today. Assignments and discussion will draw from scripture, art, archaeology, architecture, food history, the history of the book, and other visual and material resources to think about the place of body, space, and substance in Christian narratives of health and healing. Students will think carefully about ethical and responsible methodologies for connecting past and present. While the focus will be on the history of the Christian tradition, related practices in other traditions may be included, where relevant, to invite critical and constructive comparisons useful for global health, health care, and faith-based service activities today. The seminar is intentionally introductory, and does not presume knowledge about health, medicine, or the nuanced ins and outs of Christian theology. Students should have completed a 200-level course on the Christian tradition.

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