CC 300 CX: The Christian Epic from Virgil to Milton (Upper Level THEO Requirement)

CC 300 CX: The Christian Epic from Virgil to Milton

3 Credits 
MWF 2:30-3:20 pm – Professor Gehrke

Cross-listed with THEO 329 BX
Fulfills upper level theology requirement.

There was once a man. His rough and tawny hands wore the scars of willing labors. Dry and dirty, they were strong, but gentle. He could have lived a long and happy life, but he was driven by necessity  or maybe fate or God (who knows the difference?) to endure a strange and stormy life. He made war on the world’s powers, and battled, most of all, the foes of his own heart. His sacrifice built a home and hope for the nations; he lost all in the effort. Then he went away. Or rather, we lost him, just as we learned who he really was; and so we wept.  But hope is not lost. His story is our own, and yours. The story of your life is woven on the tapestry of His, and put up on display for you and everyone to see. And your questions are asked and answered in His: Why are you here? To what have you been born? What is love, and hope? Are the pains of life an evil, perhaps a gift? Where do I put my grief, my death? Whom and how must I love in the interim? Who will guide me on the way? Come hear the story of everything. Let the Muse explain to you the causes. Take and read. This epic, it’s the story of your life. Besides, he’s coming back…you’ll see.

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