CC 300 GX: Podcasting

CC 300 GX: Podcasting

3 Credits – Cross-listed with ART 290 and COMM 290
TR 1:30-4:00 pm – Professor Wuerffel

Podcasting is a studio art course open to all majors. The course design is hybrid – there will be time to develop hands-on production skills while simultaneously listening, reading, writing, and reflecting on the increasingly popular field of podcasting, including related fields of documentary, sound art, journalism, oral history, and pop culture. In the first seven weeks, we will dive into the culture and history of the region while producing our first audio pieces using methods from the field of oral history. In the second seven weeks, we will embark upon our own podcasting projects, individually or in production teams, including writing and producing the first episode. Given that this is a production class, seats are limited.

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