Mel Piehl Heads Cambridge Faculty Seminar



Mel Piehl, Ph.D., senior research professor in Christ College, will succeed Fred Niedner, Ph.D. senior research professor of theology, as the fourth director of the Cambridge Seminar for new faculty. The Cambridge Seminar is a vocational retreat for new
tenure-track faculty held at the University’s study center in Cambridge, England, and represents the University’s commitment
to faculty development and to strengthening the unique mission and ethos of Valpo.
Professor Piehl served as dean of Christ College from 2003–2013. He has won the Valparaiso University Alumni Research Fellowship,
served as the Richard Baepler Distinguished Professor in Humanities, and was recently awarded the O.P. Kretzmann
Award for Distinguished Service. During his long career at Valpo, Professor Piehl has also served as a resident fellow at St. John’s University, as a distinguished visiting professor at the University of Dayton, and as a visiting scholar in Catholic studies at Seattle University.
Professor Piehl will participate in one of the 2017 seminars as an understudy to Professor Niedner and then lead the seminar the following three years. His responsibilities will include developing the curriculum, conducting the seminar, and serving as a resource for seminar participants.