CC 300 DX: Global Humanitarianism Examined

CC 300 DX: Global Humanitarianism Examined

3 Credits – Cross-listed with INTL 320 AX
MW 3:30-4:45 pm – Professor Schaefer

This class examines the connection between intergovernmental agencies and the nonprofit sector—humanitarian aid—in historical perspective. Its reach is global.  Much criticism has been leveled against relief aid, development aid, missionary efforts, and, in certain circles, even human rights agencies.  These criticisms along with endorsements for each effort will be examined.  The format of the seminar will begin by reading a book representative of a form of humanitarian aid in order to comprehend the issues both historical and contemporary.  Then two to three cases studies will be assessed pertaining to that form of humanitarian aid in order to evaluate their success(es) and failure(s); these cases will be drawn from musty-archives to the Internet.  For example, why was Norman Borlaug’s “Green Revolution” a transformative success in Asia, yet his Sawakawa program to increase agricultural yields in Africa such a dismal failure?  The intent of the seminar is to leave students aware of the pitfalls associated with the history of humanitarian aid, but resolute in their determination to improve the world wisely and considerately.

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