Mental Health Counseling class
Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling



Employment of mental health counselors is projected to grow 22% by 2028, far exceeding the average growth for most occupations (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). In response to the rapidly rising rates of mental health issues in the U.S., well-trained licensed professional counselors are needed now more than ever. 

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  • Accreditation by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP). 
    • This is the highest accreditation possible and certifies that the curriculum content and quality has been meets best practices and standards set by the profession.
  • Up to 4 different clinical internship placements
  • Opportunities to participate in faculty-led research projects
  • Funded teaching, research, and program assistantship positions
  • Merit scholarships
  • Carefully designed curriculum that meets professional licensure requirements in most states 
  • Flexible full-time and part-time program options
Core Courses (12 credits)
COUN 635 Introduction to Psychopathology 3 credits
COUN 660 Helping Relationships: Counseling Theories 3 credits
COUN 662 Helping Relationships: Counseling Processes 3 credits
COUN 693 Foundations of Professional & Ethical Issues in Counseling 3 credits
COUN 694 Counseling Proseminar (4 semesters) 0 credits
Advanced Courses (21 credits)
COUN 602 Research Methods 3 credits
COUN 545 Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Contextual Dimensions 3 credits
COUN 570 Assessment in Counseling: Testing & Appraisal 3 credits
COUN 620 Human Development: Biological & Learned Bases of Behavior 3 credits
COUN 625 Social & Cultural Bases of Behavior 3 credits
COUN 664 Career Counseling: Appraisal & Intervention 3 credits
COUN 668 Group Counseling 3 credits
Experiential Training (12 credits)
COUN 685 Counseling Practicum 3 credits
COUN 686 Counseling Internship I 3 credits
COUN 687 Counseling Internship II 3 credits
COUN 688 Advanced Counseling Internship 3 credits

Electives (15 credits)
Students will take 5 elective courses selected from a variety of course options. Family Counseling and Dynamics (COUN 665) and Clinical Addictions: Theory & Treatment (COUN 667) are especially recommended for those seeking licensure as a clinical mental health counselor. Students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care can choose courses from that certificate program to fulfill 3 elective course requirements.

Elective courses that have recently been offered include:
COUN 530 Child and Adolescent Development
COUN 535 Psychology of Personality
COUN 575 Human Neuropsychology
COUN 665 Family Counseling & Dynamics
COUN 667 Clinical Addictions: Theory & Treatment
COUN 691 Advanced Topics in Counseling: Couples Counseling
COUN 691 Advanced Topics in Counseling: LGBTQ+ Counseling
COUN 691 Advanced Topics in Counseling: Consultation Theory & Practice
COUN 691 Advanced Topics in Counseling: Trauma
COUN 699 Master’s Research and Thesis*
ED 590 Understanding & Preventing Suicide
PSY 565 Psychology & Law

*A master’s thesis or research project is not required for the CMHC degree, but may be elected as part of the program, particularly for students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree.

The last ten years have seen rapid growth in the demand for trauma-informed care in a variety of human services and helping professions. This new 15-credit certificate program will provide participants with the foundational knowledge needed to increase their effectiveness with traumatized populations. The certificate program is primarily online and can be completed concurrently with the MA-CMHC program, allowing participants to use 3 trauma courses to fulfill CMHC elective credits.

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