Mohamed Aburakhis, Ph.D.


Mohamed Aburakhis., Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering 219.464.6596 Gellersen, Room 226


MS – University of Tripoli

Ph.D. – University of Dayton

Courses Taught

  • Electrical Circuits
  • Control Systems
  • Modeling and Simulations
  • Power Electronic
  • Digital Logic
  • Digital Logic Laboratory
  • Nonlinear systems
  • Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  • Differential Equations

Research Interests

The discipline of control engineering, with a focus on nonlinear systems
and adaptive control techniques. The practical use of fractional calculus in adaptive control and
parameter estimation is the focus of my study. I’m dedicated to researching how fuzzy logic
control and neural networks may improve system responses. Also, design adaptive feedback
controllers with in-depth data analytics to optimize system performance.


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