Jennifer Marley​, Ph.D.

Jennifer Marley profile

Jennifer Marley​, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 219.464.5119 Gellersen Hall, Room 129C


Ph.D.- University of Michigan
​M.S.- University of Michigan
B.S.- North Carolina State University

Courses Taught
  • ​Control System Design
  • ​Power Transmission and Distribution
Research Interests
  • (AC) Optimal Power Flow
  • ​Integration and Control of Renewable Generation Sources
  • Integration and Control of Energy Storage Devices
  • ​Power System Optimization
Professional Affiliations
  • Eta Kappa Nu
  • IEEE​
  • IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) 
  • J. F. Marley,  M. Vrakopoulou, and I. A. Hiskens, “Towards the Maximization of Renewable Energy Integration Using a Stochastic AC-QP Optimal Power Flow Algorithm​”​, Proceedings of the X IREP Symposium on Bulk Power Systems Dynamics and Control, Espinho, Portugal, Sept. 2017.​
  • ​J. F. Marley, D. K. Molzahn, and I. A. Hiskens, “An Improved Initialization for the AC-QP OPF Method Using an SOCP Relaxation,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 32, No. 5, Sept. 2017, pp. 3538-3548.
  • J. F. Marley, M. Vrakopoulou, and I. A. Hiskens, “An AC-QP Optimal Power Flow Algorithm Considering Wind Forecast Uncertainty”, Proceedings of Innovative Smart Grid Technologies -Asia, Melbourne, Australia, November 2016.
  • J. F. Marley and I. A. Hiskens, “Multi-period AC-QP Optimal Power Flow Including Storage”, Proceedings of the 19th Power Systems Computation Conference, Genoa, Italy, June 2016.
  • J. K. Felder and I.A. Hiskens, “Optimal Power Flow with Storage”, Proceedings of the 18th Power Systems Computation Conference, Wroclaw, Poland, August 2014.