Peter Krenzke, Ph.D.

Peter Krenzke profile

Peter Krenzke, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering 219.464.5725 Gellersen Center, Room 209


B.S.– Valparaiso University
M.S.– University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Ph.D. – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Courses Taught
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Mechanical Measurements Lab
Research Interests
  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • Energy Storage
  • Solar Thermochemistry
  • Solar Reactor Design
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Valorization of Natural Gas
Professional Affiliations
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Tau Beta Pi
Selected Publications
  • Krenzke PT, Fosheim JR, Davidson JH. Solar Fuels via Chemical-Looping Reforming. Solar Energy 2017, 156, 48–72.
  • Krenzke PT, Davidson JH. Rebuttal to “Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Solar Methane Reforming through the Nonstoichiometric Ceria Redox Cycle.” Energy Technol 2017;5 (11), 2150–2152.
  • Krenzke PT, Fosheim JR, Zheng J, Davidson JH. Synthesis Gas Production via the Solar Partial Oxidation of Methane-ceria Redox Cycle: Conversion, Selectivity, and Efficiency. Int J Hydrogen Energy 2016;41:12799–811.
  • Krenzke PT, Davidson JH. On the Efficiency of Solar H2 and CO Production via the Thermochemical Cerium Oxide Redox Cycle: The Option of Inert-Swept Reduction. Energy & Fuels 2015;29:1045–54.
  • Venstrom LJ, De Smith RM, Bala Chandran R, Boman DB, Krenzke PT, Davidson JH. Applicability of an Equilibrium Model To Predict the Conversion of CO2 to CO via the Reduction and Oxidation of a Fixed Bed of Cerium Dioxide. Energy & Fuels 2015;29:8168–77.
  • Bader R, Bala Chandran R, Sedler S, Krenzke PT, Smith R De, Venstrom LJ, et al. Design of a Solar Reactor for Splitting CO2 Using Isothermal Redox Cycling of Ceria. J Sol Energy Eng 2015;137:031007.
  • Davidson JH, Bala-Chandran R, Chase TR, Hathaway BJ, Krenzke PT, Sedler SJ, Venstrom LJ, “SUNgas: Opportunities and Challenges for Solar Thermochemical Fuels,” Proceedings of the Third Southern African Solar Energy Conference, May 11 – 13 2015, Kruger National Park, South Africa.
  • Krenzke PT, Davidson JH. Thermodynamic Analysis of Syngas Production via the Solar Thermochemical Cerium Oxide Redox Cycle with Methane-Driven Reduction. Energy & Fuels 2014;28:4088–95.
  • Krenzke P, Krueger K, Leonard N, Duncan S, Palumbo RD, Möller S. A Solar Thermal Electrolytic Reactor for Studying the Production of Metals From Their Oxides. ASME J Sol Energy Eng 2010;132:034501.