Robot Football Competition

Valpo Team
Valpo Robotics Team

The Valparaiso University Robotics Team will be going head-to-head with Purdue College of Technology at Kokomo’s Robotics Team in a Robot Football game in the Valparaiso University Hilltop Gymnasium in the Athletic Recreational Center on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 1:00pm.

Both teams have made a team of robots that are able to throw, catch, “tackle”, “be tackled” and move quickly!  Our Robotics team won the combine on Sunday, March 29, 2015 against University of Notre Dame, United States Naval Academy, Purdue University – Kokomo, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis ( IUPUI ) The Combine tested the robot/ robot driver’s skills in six different events: 60 ft shuttle, 3-cone drill, strength test, QB Accuracy, Speed, and kicking. Valpo won the 60 ft shuttle, 3-cone drill, QB Accuracy, speed,  and then also winning the Terminator Events.




Purdue Kokomo Team
Purdue Kokomo Robotics Team

NAME                               NUMBER       POSITION

Ronnie ‘Sunshine Bass       12                Quarterback
Booby Miles                           35                Running Back
Rod Tidwell                          85                Wide Receiver
Deacon Moss                        88                 Wide Receiver
Air Bud                                 K9                 Wide Receiver
Forrest Gump                      44                 Linebacker
Gerry Bertier                        42                 Center
Becky “Ice Box” O’Shea     56                 Linebacker
Bobby Boucher                     9                  Linebacker
Julius Campbell                   81                Linebacker
Aseel Tare                             34                 Kicker


JOHNNY         5                 Quarterback
NORBY           -i                 Center
BETAMAX     013             Wide Receiver/Safety
CLANK           6.63E-34    Running Back/Linebacker
GORT             ∞+1             Wide Receiver/Cornerback
ROBBY            0x02            Wide Receiver/Cornerback
HAL                  2001           Running Back/Linebacker
SPARKY          3.14159      Lineman
WALLE            2.7182        Lineman
PETEY             √2               Kicker


Valpo Human Team Members 

ayden Hast, Team Captain

Jacob Hutson
Todd Vervynckt
Jacob Griesbaum
Eder Cruz
Bill Kinney
John Rotroff
Manav Chouhan
Jason Toberman
Aaron Roggow
Chase Greenhagen
Julia Jenks
Ryan Eveler
Michael Rosenow
Dr. Sami Khorbotly (Advisor)
Dr. Craig Goehler (Advisor)

Purdue Kokomo Human Team Members

Charles Washburn, Team Captain
Henry Martin
Justin Thompson
Eric Knutson
Luke Lewis
Josh Garner
Kyle Kjormoe
Dylan Carpenter
Tyler Murray
Nick Parkhurst

Please come and show your support for Valpo’s Robotics Team on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 1:00pm in the ARC Hilltop Gymnasium.
If you are interested in how Robotic Football works: Click here for the rules of the game.