Robot Football Scoring and Rules

Rules and Summary:
-The game is 8 players against 8 players.
-The field is roughly the size of a basketball court: 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.
-The game consists of two 20-minute halves, a 10-minute intermission and a modified running clock.
-Tackling: A robot is tackled when the blue light on its head goes on. A sensor hidden in the controls of each robot controls the light. The sensor measures how rapidly the robot accelerates or decelerates. Once the robot’s movement passes a certain threshold, the blue light goes on to signify that a hit would have been hard enough to cause a player to fall to the ground for a tackle. The robot is then immobilized automatically for 2 seconds to simulate the length of time it takes a player to recover from a hard hit or tackle.
-Touchdown- 6 points -Kicked point after touch down (PAT)- 1 point -PAT achieved by a run play- 2 points -PAT achieved through a pass- 2 points plus extra points for completing a pass -Field goal- 3 points -Short forward pass of 5-15 feet beyond the line of scrimmage – 7 points. A pass is completed as long as the ball touches the receiver before it hits the ground or a defensive player. If a short pass touches a defensive player first, it is ruled an interception, and the defense is awarded 2 points and possession. -Long forward pass of more than 15 feet- 12 pts -An interception of a long pass is worth 3 points and possession -Screen pass of at least 5 feet to a player that is less than 2 feet beyond the line of scrimmage- 3 points -Interception of a screen pass is worth 1 point and possession -Forward passes shorter than 5 feet are not allowed -Safety- 2 points -Penalties result in varying amounts of points being awarded to the opposing team For example: a delay of game penalty- 1 point awarded to other team 20150425 FJA Robotic Footbal Game-033