Valpo Robotics Outreach

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We love working with our community, and have been a part of many local and state events! These include…

Speaking at Indiana's FIRST season kickoff!

We also led a brainstorming session for the FIRST teams after the rules were announced. Many kids learned new brainstorming techniques that they took home with them!

Hosting FIRST Team Tours

We gave FIRST team RoboBlitz 3936 a tour of our engineering facilities, and showed them all the ways they can stay involved with robotics in college! We then held a brainstorming session to help them to come up with ideas as a team.

Speaking at the Jefferson Middle School STEAM day!

That’s right, STEAM! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! The school STEM program emphasizes something that we can really appreciate – that creating is art! We talked about how to make a really cool machine – the machine we were talking about is a team of friends! Every person is a valuable component to the team, no matter what they bring to the table! We also brought our robots for the kids to drive around. It was a lot of fun!

Demoing robotic football at Barnes and Noble!

As part of Barne’s and Noble’s Maker Day, we brought our robots for kids to drive around and learn about how fun engineering can be! Fun was had by all, but we can’t say that much reading was done  😛

FIRST Team Consulting

Gary Indiana’s FIRST team was looking for some help diagnosing problems with their robot after the season ended – we went down for the afternoon to help them out and give them some advice!