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The Midwest Robotics Design Competition features huge, 150 pound robots that compete in a course that changes every year!

Our members have many opportunities to reach out to the community, whether it’s to show elementary school students how to build robots, or to introduce FIRST teams to the opportunities in store for them in college. Interested in Valpo Robotics helping out at your event? Email us at

Robotic Football
Valpo Robotics has brought to the robotic football league a whole new meaning of the game, having destroyed all competition in our path – to this day our team remains undefeated National Champions.
Looking to make your own robots? Check out resources we’ve put together to give you a starting point!
Valpo Robotics Stats
Looking for past years of Valpo Robotics. Look at stats and pictures of many years here.

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Get involved and check out upcoming events
Our Members
Our members are pretty cool.
Lots of really cool things are happening with our team! Check out the latest news!

2018 National Champions


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