In order to request deferral of your original degree program start date, please contact one of the following admissions departments/counselors:

When you contact them, be sure to mention the semester you were originally admitted for, the reason you wish to defer, and the semester you wish to defer to.


  1. Go to the eShipGlobal website
  2. Register and activate your free account
  3. Log in using your registered email and password
  4. Click the “Receive Documents from University” option
  5. Select “Valparaiso University” and the “Office of International Programs” to request your documents
  6. Enter your address information and type of document, and then pay the mailing cost


After completing the above 6 steps on eShipGlobal, the International Programs office will receive your shipping request. If you have also contacted the admissions department (info listed above), and they have approved your program deferral, within 2 to 3 weeks your new admission packet will be mailed to you using the shipping label you created.