Transferring to Valpo

Follow the steps below if you plan to transfer your F-1 immigration record to Valpo from another U.S. institution. This process allows Valparaiso University to access your records and issue you a “transfer pending” I-20 or DS-2019, and allows you to maintain legal status.

  1. Make sure to give a copy of your Valparaiso University admission letter to your current school’s international student advisor (also known as a Designated School Official or DSO), and request them to release your SEVIS I-20 record to Valpo before the upcoming semester starts. They will likely have a process which you must follow in order for your SEVIS record to be released to Valpo.
  2. Log on to iValpo (the blue button under Full Client Services), and find the SEVIS Transfer-in Request e-form under the F-1 Student Services tab.
  3. Submit this e-form, including your current school’s international student advisor information. Please allow five business days for processing. More time may be necessary if follow-up is required.
  4. Once your request has been approved by the Valparaiso University International Programs office, you will receive a notification to your Valpo email account. Your Transfer Pending I-20 to Valparaiso University will be created.
  5. If you are traveling outside the U.S. before you come to Valpo, you may create a shipping request for this Transfer Pending I-20 to be sent to you. The shipping request can be made through eShipGlobal. For detailed information, click here. Once we see your request, we will ship your Transfer Pending I-20 to you. You may also pick up your Transfer Pending Valpo I-20 in person at the International Programs office.

All transfer students must check in with our office before their first semester at Valpo; check-in takes place during new-student orientation. You must check in before you begin any on-campus employment at Valparaiso University. If you fail to comply with these regulations, you will fall out of legal immigration status.

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