Follow the steps below if you plan to transfer your F-1 immigration record to Valpo from another U.S. institution. This process allows Valparaiso University to access your records and issue you a “transfer pending” I-20 or DS-2019, and allows you to maintain legal status.

  1. Log on to iValpo (the blue button under Full Client Services), and find the SEVIS Transfer-in Request e-form under the F-1 Student Services tab.
  2. Submit this e-form, including your current school’s international student advisor information. Please allow five business days for processing. More time may be necessary if follow-up is required.
  3. Once your request has been approved by the Valparaiso University International Programs office, you will receive a notification to your Valpo email account. Your Transfer Pending I-20 to Valparaiso University will be created.
  4. If you are traveling outside the U.S. before you come to Valpo, you may create a shipping request for this Transfer Pending I-20 to be sent to you. The shipping request can be made through eShipGlobal. For detailed information, click here. Once we see your request, we will ship your Transfer Pending I-20 to you.
    You may also pick up your Transfer Pending Valpo I-20 in person at the International Programs office.


F-1 students who graduate from Interlink at Valpo must also complete a SEVIS transfer and receive a new I-20 if they plan to begin studying at Valparaiso University. If you are an Interlink graduate who plans to begin full-time classes at Valpo, you must check in and receive a Valpo I-20 before you start classes.


All transfer students must check in with our office before their first semester at Valpo; check-in takes place during new-student orientation. You must check in before you begin any on-campus employment at Valparaiso University. If you fail to comply with these regulations, you will fall out of legal immigration status.