General Shipping Requests

If you need something shipped to you…

You may use this method to request shipping for any document you need the International Programs office to send you.

Follow the steps below to create a shipping request:

  1. Go to the eShipGlobal website
  2. Register and activate your free account
  3. Log in using your registered email and password
  4. Click the “Receive Documents from University” option
  5. Select “Valparaiso University” and the “Office of International Programs” to request your documents
  6. Enter your address information and type of document, and then pay the mailing cost

If you have not already indicated on an iValpo e-form that you are requesting this shipping, please email the advisor in the International Programs office that you have been working with, asking them to look for your shipping request so that they can mail your document to you.

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