Student Letters

There are certain situations for which we will provide students with verification letters signed by an office staff member and printed on official letterhead. Please allow two to three business days for the processing of these letters; you will be notified by email when your letter has been completed. You may pick up the completed letter at the front desk of the International Programs office.

Invitation Letter Templates

  • While we definitely hope your family & friends can visit you, in almost all cases, the International Programs office does not provide invitation letters to students for their family/guests who are applying for B-2 visas, since International Programs is not the actual “inviter” of the guests (the student is the inviter). However, click on this link to find templates which can be used by students to create their own invitation letters. A list of suggested supporting documents is also included.

Letter for applying for an SSN – picked up

  • Provided to students who have found an on-campus job and need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN). The student should print off the employer form here (PDF), have the on-campus employer fill it out and sign, and upload it to the SSN letter request form. Allow two to three business days for processing.

Translation of Driver’s License

  • Provided to students who already have a driver’s license from their home country and need to apply for a U.S. driver’s license. The student should upload a copy of their foreign driver’s license to the driver’s license translation request from. Allow two to three business days for processing.  NOTE: International Programs is only able to provide this service for certain languages. Contact the office for details.

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