Student Resources

Academic Success Center

Tricia Armstrong (Director) –

The Academic Success Center (ASC) supports all Valpo students in achieving academic success. Currently, the ASC refers students to campuswide academic support services and resources, including:

  • Tutoring
  • Help sessions
  • Study group sessions
  • Academic advisement
  • Learning assistance
  • Learning enrichment workshops
  • Career planning
  • Student support groups
  • Disability support services

Writing Center

As you know, the more you speak, the more fluent you become! The same is true about writing; your writing will improve greatly with more practice. Come in often for help with short assignments or questions about how to construct a clean, logical paper. Vocabulary or grammar questions are also welcome.

Regular visits are best. For example, you could plan for two half-hour appointments per week. Interlink students may sign up for appointments when they are enrolled in a Valpo course.

Strategies For Academic Success Course – GS-100 (Fall or Spring Semesters)

Strategies for Academic Success is a seminar designed to offer insight into learning strategies and study skills that complement individual learning styles and promote students’ academic achievement. Through focused discussion on course materials, peer interaction, skill development, self-assessment, and other activities, students will explore competencies important to development as a college student. Students will discover how they learn best and what hinders their learning. With increased understanding about their learning styles and preferences, students will identify the best practices for improving academic performance and achieving their college goals.

Career Center

Finding a job is no easy task!  The Valpo Career Center provides a wide variety of services to guide you in the process of building a successful start to your career.  They can help you write a resume, connect you with successful Valpo alumni who may be looking for fresh graduates to work with them, give you important interview practice, and supply you with numerous leads in your internship and/or full-time job search.  Take advantage of this resource!

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