International Student Spotlight

Name: Prashant Bhatta
Hometown: Dhangadhi, Nepal
Year & Major: Senior (Bachelor’s), Actuarial Science
Languages Spoke: Nepali, English

What shocked you upon coming to the U.S.?

  • My first thought was “where is everyone??” I was shocked to see no one in the streets, hanging out outside, or walking to places.
  • Every stranger around campus acts like your friend. I used to answer every “How are you?’ question honestly, but then I realized it wasn’t really a question, more like a greeting.
  • There are flags everywhere; from small towns to big cities, you see the red, white, and blue flags everywhere.

What do you like best about Valpo & the U.S.?

  • Being in the US is like a world food tour without leaving the country; the diversity means you can savor flavors from everywhere!

If you were given a flight ticket today, it would be to…

  • Visit Madrid, Spain to watch Champions League Football at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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