Is Your #PSL Habit #CyberAware?

October 2, 2018

October means pumpkin spice lattes, the World series, and Halloween. But it’s also National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a global campaign to educate all cyber citizens about the risks of digital activity and ways to reduce those risks. IT is proud to once again be an official cyber security Champion for our annual observation of this campaign.

Do you practice the same cyber habits at home as well as on campus?

This week’s national theme is about online safety at home. We’ve just celebrated Homecoming with our Valpo family and friends, and campus has been home for many of them along the way. We all agree about the importance of protecting University data from cybercriminals. It’s important to treat your personal information with the same level of care to avoid becoming a victim.

Did you know?

More than half of the U.S. adult online population – over 143 million consumers – were victims of cybercrime in 2017. According to a Norton Cyber Security Insights report, cyber criminals stole an average of $142 per victim, additionally costing each victim around 24 hours on average to deal with the cleanup.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

The best defenses are the simplest:

  • Never use the same password at home that you use for your Valponet account.
  • Use separate, strong passwords for each site you visit.
  • Change the password on your home wi-fi router so it’s no longer the manufacturer’s default.
  • Turn on automatic software updates for all devices.
  • Keep backups of your important files; save them in multiple secure locations.
  • Think before you post, and ask yourself if what you’re sharing follows the Golden Rule and keeps you safe.

All month long, we’ll be sharing helpful information, tips, and resources. Partner with us in making the internet a safer place for everyone! Here are a few easy ways to be involved.

  1. Get a free sticker from the Help Desk to show your support.
  2. Join the #CyberAware conversation on social media.
    3. NEW!
  3. Request a cyber security workshop customized for your department or organization. Submit an ITicket via the Help Desk to get started.

Got questions?

Contact us through social media or the Help Desk so we can partner with you.,, 219.464.5678