Applied Statistics Minor

The impact of statistics on society today is profound. Statistical tables, survey results, and the language of probability are used with increasing frequency in media. Statistics also has a strong influence on physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, business, and industry. Improvements in computer technology make it easier than ever to use statistical methods and to manipulate massive amounts of data.

Administered by the mathematics and statistics department, in consultation with the appropriate departments within the College of Arts and Sciences and the professional colleges, the applied statistics minor develops the student’s ability to perform statistical analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective. This minor will prepare students to analyze data in their professional work. In addition, it will provide background for those students who intend to pursue work in applied disciplines.

A minimum of 15 credit hours is required to complete this minor. Students who intend to complete this minor are strongly encouraged to consult their academic advisors before they begin their junior year. Depending on their major, students are advised to include specific courses as electives in their plans of study. Students should consult their academic advisors to determine which requirements these other courses fulfill.

Course Title Credits
One course from the following options:
STAT 140 General Statistics 3 Credits
STAT 240 Statistical Analysis 3 Credits
PSY 201 Statistical Methods 3 Credits
BUS 205 Business Statistics 3 Credits
One course from the following options:
STAT 340 Statistics for Decision-Making 3 Credits
BAN 340 Statistics for Decision-Making 3 Credits
ECON 325 Econometrics 3 Credits
At least 9 credits from the following:
BIO/MATH 321 Mathematical Models in Infectious Diseases 3 Credits
BAN 440 Machine Learning 3 Credits
CS 325 Simulation and Modeling 3 Credits
DATA 433 Data Mining and Applications 3 Credits
ECON 473 Applied Data Science 3 Credits
GEO/MET 460 Data Analysis 3 Credits
POLS 210 Research Methods in Political Science 3 Credits
PSY 202 Research Methods in Psychology 3 Credits
SOC 320 Research Methods in Sociology 3 Credits
STAT 343 Time Series Analysis 3 Credits
STAT 344 Applied Probability and Statistical Decision Theory 3 Credits
STAT 361 Introduction to R 1 Credit
STAT 363 Introduction to SAS 3 Credits
STAT 441 Probability 4 Credits
STAT 442 Mathematical Statistics 3 Credits
STAT 490 Advanced Topics in Statistics 3 Credits
STAT 299 Statistics Colloquium I 1 Credit
STAT 399 Statistics Colloquium II 1 Credit
STAT 499 Statistics Colloquium III 1 Credit

Due to restrictions on overlapping of courses in different programs, Actuarial Science majors may not use STAT 343, 344, 363, 441, or 442 to fulfill minor requirements. Students selecting the full Statistics major are not eligible to earn the Applied Statistics minor.