Data Science Minor

Administered by the mathematics and statistics department, in consultation with the department of computing and information sciences, the data science minor develops the student’s ability to process, organize, visualize, and analyze data.

A minimum of 15 credit hours is required to complete this minor. Students who intend to complete this minor are strongly encouraged to consult their academic advisors before they begin their junior year. Depending on their major, students are advised to include specific courses as electives in their plans of study. Students should consult their academic advisors to determine which requirements these other courses fulfill.

Course Title Credits
DATA 151 Introduction to Data Science 3 Credits
One course from the following options:
DATA 433 Data Mining and Applications 3 Credits
BAN 440 Machine Learning 3 Credits
One course from the following options:
CS 350 Database Management Systems 3 Credits
BAN 330 Database Management Systems 3 Credits
One course from the following options:
DATA 374 Computational Linear Algebra 3 Credits
DATA 375 Scientific Visualization 3 Credits
DATA 490 Advanced Topics in Data Science 3 Credits
At least 3 additional credits coming from courses with a DATA prefix or from the following options:
BIO/MATH 321 Mathematical Models in Infectious Diseases 3 Credits
CS 325 Simulation and Modeling 3 Credits
CS 345 Artificial Intelligence 3 Credits
ECE 452 Digital Signal Processing 3 Credits
ECON 473 Applied Data Science 3 Credits
GEO/MET 460 Data Analysis 3 Credits
ME 333 Mechanical Measurements Laboratory 4 Credits
PHYS 246 Data Reduction and Error Analysis 1 Credit
PSY 370 Laboratory in Experimental Design and Analysis 3 Credits
STAT 343 Time Series Analysis 3 Credits
STAT 361 Introduction to R 1 Credit
STAT 363 Introduction to SAS 3 Credits