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All the world’s a stage …

Theatre-making is an inherently collaborative process, combining the work of set designers, makeup artists, actors, sound technicians, and more. Valpo’s theatre students work productively as members of a team and learn to see their work as a service to their castmates and to the audience.

At the beginning of each academic year, the theatre department announces the plays for the upcoming season, details about auditioning, and how students can become involved in production work behind the scenes.

Students can participate in a number of ways. All they need to do is express their interest to a theatre faculty member and we will be happy to get them involved.

Lee Orchard, Ph.D., Professor of Theatre

Auditions for productions at Valpo are open to all University students, regardless of their fields of study. Auditions for each new theatre season begin the first week of classes and then continue periodically throughout the academic year.

Discover Opportunities

To help students prepare for upcoming auditions, audition notices are regularly posted:

in the Valparaiso University Center for the Arts
on the theatre callboard
on this website
and via email to all students who have placed their name on the theatre interest list. To join the list, email VUCA Administrative Assistant Kristin Flodder at
How to Audition

At the beginning of the year, directors will typically provide designated scenes and monologues for students to read in their auditions. This makes the experience as open, encouraging, and inclusive as possible.

Later in the season, the director of each individual production will have their own requirements for auditions. For example, to audition for a mainstage play, students usually prepare a memorized monologue. For a musical, students typically prepare a monologue and a song. If students have any questions about the requirements, they should contact the director.

Dance Instruction

Dance courses are offered through the theatre department. Courses offered include ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and modern. Classes are open to all Valpo students, regardless of their fields of study.

Students may elect to receive an individualized minor in dance after consulting with the director of dance activities within the theatre department.

Dance Ensemble

The Dance Ensemble is under the direction of theatre department faculty. Interested students audition for the Dance Ensemble in early fall, and students that are accepted into the Dance Ensemble can receive credit for their participation. The annual Dance Ensemble concert is held during the spring semester and features the work of faculty and student choreographers. See photos »

Students at Valpo are involved in all aspects of the technical production: stage management, design, set construction, costume creation, lighting and sound, makeup, and properties.

Technical work can be done on a volunteer basis, or students can choose to receive academic credit or work study (if eligible). Contact a member of the theatre faculty to learn more.

Academic Credit

Students can receive academic credit by registering for a Theatre Practicum course (1 credit). This course can be used for work in a number of production areas: THTR 130: Stage Management, THTR 131: Scenery and Lighting, THTR 132: Costume and Makeup, or THTR 133: Performance.

The practicum courses may be repeated up to a maximum of six credit hours.

Paid Positions

Students can receive pay through the University work study program if they are eligible. The department also welcomes the many volunteers who participate simply because they love theatre.