Summer Global Leadership Institute

2018 Dates: July 5th – 19th (Arrivals July 5, Departures 19)

To All Interested Students & Professionals:

Now is the best time to start preparing for a future the global world. By participating in Valparaiso University’s Summer Global Leadership Institute (SGLI), students and professionals can learn the skills necessary to create innovative solutions that affect our world today. This unique program for promising high school students encourages future leaders to participate in the classroom and outside the classroom with other high students to learn about different cultures and to experience life in a university. SGLI faculty and staff have carefully crafted a program that gives students a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures and trends.

Our short-term program will emphasize the college life, a holistic approach to learning about what it means to be a college student by totally immersing each student into both the American higher educational system and the overall university culture. At Valpo, the students will be introduced to life at a typical American university. Under the guidance of a Ph.D. professor(s), students will experience the U.S. higher education style of teaching and will learn how to best prepare for that future. Moreover, at Valparaiso University, students will experience life in the U.S., from the peaceful countryside to an energizing city! Participants will create everlasting friendships that will help them in their future endeavors.

Apart from the global leadership and team building emphasis, the program is tailored to meet the needs of varying constituencies. The program offers various academic seminars and workshops that allow students to focus on gaining knowledge in their field of interest. In 2016, we offer participants the choice of one the following comprehensive seminars:

  • Science, Technology, & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship, Law, & Media
  • Writing, Communication & Design

All students participate in an interactive Global Leadership workshop that includes guest speakers, university leaders, and community leaders. 

A certificate is awarded at the end of the successful completion of the program.

On this page you will find links to various aspects of the program. Once the online application form has been filled and submitted, along with the recommendation form, liability form, and code of conduct, the coordinator can approve and collect the deposit, guaranteeing a spot in the SGLI program. We will then coordinate the details of the program with you and your counselor. We look forward to your arrival on our campus and hope that you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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