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Project Description

There are two components to the Operational Sustainability project, one is the analysis of our academic offerings, and the second focuses on our administrative or operational functions, as well as within academic administration.

Academic Analysis Details

This portion of the project will focus on our academic offerings. 

  • Establish a framework through which we can better understand the entire portfolio of academic offerings at the University.
  • Develop a data-informed and transparent approach for monitoring and evaluating academic offerings on an annual basis, which may result in changing the portfolio of academic programs and optimizing course delivery. 
  • Build capacity of faculty and staff to replicate the work and use the results to inform decision-making beyond the timeframe of the project.
  • Identify opportunities to manage course offerings to ensure resources are aligned to support student success.
  • Shift from focusing only on how we spend money to helping us ask and answer the question: “Are we serving students best with the resources we have?” 

Administrative Review Details

This portion of the project will focus on services within institutional administrative or operational functions as well as within academic administration.

  • Support the University in improving current levels of service. 
  • Address existing service obstacles.
  • Obtain staff and faculty input in the process through interviews and surveys. 
  • Develop a comprehensive set of findings to move toward a more sustainable model that invests in our students, faculty, and staff according to our mission and values.