Which language team will keep the conversation going the longest?

• Sept. 20, Friday

• 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

• Community Room, Library

The World Language Speakathon is a team-based conversation contest, open to speakers of various world languages, at all levels (staff included). Read all the details below.

Join your language team!







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How does the Speakathon work?

  • Each team represents one language.  Any speaker of that language can join the team.
  • Speakers sign up for specific time slots for Friday, Sept. 20.
  • Speakers gather at team tables in the Community Room for simultaneous, small-group conversation. 
  • Speakers play games, have informal conversation, and participate in other activities using the team’s language.
  • Speakers enjoy snacks and work to keep the conversation going for as long as possible.
  • Language teams compete to win various team prizes!

How do I participate?

  1. Sign up to be on your chosen language team (use the form above).
  2. Choose the time slot(s) you think you’ll be able to participate on Friday, Sept. 20. (Team schedules will be finalized closer to the event).
  3. Consider serving as a team co-captain! (use the form above). Co-captains:
    • Help recruit speakers to participate (non-native and native speakers welcome, but with the focus being on non-native participation)
    • Review the time slots people select when they sign up on the website (the LRC director will share the Google form results with you)
    • Sketch out a proposed schedule for the day and communicate this with team members a week or so before the event
    • Be present for part of the day (but certainly not the entire day)

• Questions?  Email Carol.Goss@valpo.edu



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