Spanish Club members during a visit to Chicago As a Valpo language student you'll take courses that strengthen your language skills and launch you into engaging texts, topics, and questions. But the learning doesn’t stop there: at Valpo you'll enhance your language skills by participating in many great activities. Together with your coursework these experiences help you develop linguistic and cultural fluency - and the skills and knowledge to succeed professionally in any number of fields. 

Major in:  Classics • French  •  German  • Spanish  
Minor in:
  Chinese  •  Hebrew  • Japanese
Placement exam: For Fall 2014 registration
Placement exam: For FOCUS 2014



French professor Timothy Tomasik publishes "Livre fort excellent Cuysine"

Spanish professor Stacy Hoult-Saros receives 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. Award

• Valpo ranked among the top 10 Most Innovative Colleges for Foreign Language Study

• Valpo German program designated a German Center of Excellence by the American Association of Teachers of German 

Contact:  Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures • Arts and Sciences Building, 1400 Chapel Drive 219.464.5120 (phone)  •  219.464.6952  (fax)  •