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Latin American & Latino Studies


The Latin American and Latino Studies program at Valparaiso University includes an in-depth study of the language, culture, and history of Latin American nations as well as the Latino population in the United States.

Contact: Professor Hoult

This minor allows students to study both the cultural and historic heritage, as well as contemporary concerns, of the peoples of Latin America and the U.S. Latino population. In addition to Spanish language and cultural studies courses, further coursework in history and political science are conducted in English and provide a rich and comprehensive curriculum of Latin American and Latino cultures.

There are many majors that can be coupled with Latin American and Latino Studies, such as its practical complements of social work, sociology, theology, political science, history, and education.

Students equipped with a Latin American and Latino Studies minor will be prepared to study, travel, and work abroad or in locations with a high concentration of Latino families. Latinos are the fastest growing population in the Midwest, and this complementary minor will make students more marketable and culturally educated employees after graduation.