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Global Service



Concentration in Global Studies

Global Service is an interdisciplinary major within the Global Studies B.A. program.  Global Service is designed for students considering careers with international organizations and development agencies or students who wish to equip themselves for global service as they prepare for a different primary career. It provides background in social policy, global issues, and in the learning and practice of humanitarian service.

Contact: Professor Hoult

Among the minimum of 45 hours required in approved courses, the Global Service major’s course of study includes the introductory courses Global Perspectives, International Relations, and Global Humanitarianism Examined. Support core courses include offerings in social work, economics, political science, and theology along with other specialized work.

Majors are required to complete the Global Service learning internship, usually in conjunction with study abroad, and the senior seminar, a course that focuses on reading, writing, and research on a topic important to international humanitarian concerns.

Program Highlights

  • Global Service prepares students for internationally-focused careers in a variety of areas, including humanitarian service through government agencies, NGOs and nonprofits; teaching English abroad; and global missions and ministry.
  • A unique package of classes combines fields including economics, history, politics, and geography with the study of a world language and culture. The curriculum provides students with a heightened sense of intercultural sensitivity, a major or minor in a second language, significant knowledge of a particular world region (Africa, Europe, East Asia or Latin America), and the skills necessary to understand international issues elsewhere.
  • Students selecting the Global Service track are encouraged to improve their linguistic fluency and cultural competence by studying abroad and participating in an appropriate internship while there.
  • All seniors complete an in-depth research project on a topic of international importance; past themes have included areas such as serving the vulnerable in times of crisis, human rights, globalization, security and human mobility.

Recent research projects:

2021: Serving the Vulnerable in Times of Crisis
  • Miranda Engholm, “Empowering Education: Developing Cultural Autonomy in Former French Colonies”
  • Hailey Kmetty, “A Solutionary Approach: The Intersectionality of LGBTQ+ Discrimination and the COVID-19 Pandemic”
  • Stacey Province, “Through their Lens: Addressing Factors Impacting Latinx Academic Success”
  • Madeline Stenman, “Human Trafficking in China: Issues and Solutions”
2020: Thinking beyond Boundaries
  • Aly Brewer, “The Potential Impact of the GGW on Senegal’s Environment and Economy: Lessons from the GBM in Kenya” (Also written in fulfillment of IECA major)
  • Quincy Bullmer, “Social Stigma and Mental Health: How Cultural Attitudes Affect Treatment Globally”
  • Maddie Fry, “Liberation Theology: Changing the Social and Ecclesiastical Landscape of 20th Century Latin American Church”
2018: Movement of Peoples
  • Alicia Alcaraz, “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Namibia: Will LGBTI Persons Get Support from Places of Worship?”
  • Andrew Brokaw, “Truth and Self-Determination: Establishing Native American Identity and Autonomy”
  • Erin Brown, “Accommodation and Discrimination of Indigenous Populations in Colombia”
  • Kortney Cena, “The English Language Learner Dilemma: Children Left Behind in US High Schools and Ways to Get Them Back into the Game” Emily Owens, “Narratives Nuanced: Educational Capacities for Interracial Empathetic Increase in K-12 Settings