Christ College Beginnings and Anniversaries – Looking Back

Christ College has had many other celebrations. Below are reflections from CC’s other milestones.

1962 Valparaiso University Bulletin – Christ College Proposed to the VU Board

Blueprint of Christ College, O.P. Kretzmann 1964

Statement of Purpose of Christ College

Crisis and Curriculum – Marcus Riedel – Fall Honors Convocation November 1967

1970 Mueller Hall Dedicatory Address

The Beginnings of Christ College – Richard Baepler 2008

25th Anniversary Celebration – October 1992 – The Founding of Christ College – Albert Huegli Symposium

Spillikin 25th  Anniversary Celebration  

30th Anniversary Mission of Christ College Reflection

30th Anniversary (1997) Richard Lee’s Senior Banquet Reflection

Dean Piehl’s Remarks on CC Vision to National Council 2011

Christ College Alumni Compendium