Mission Discovery

Michelle Ham, director of the International Space School Education and former NASA astronaut instructor talked to Science Olympiad participants at Valparaiso University in January 2014. Michelle spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of about 200 middle school and high school students. She promised the group that their dreams are well in reach. In her interactive presentation she encouraged the students to find their passion and find what makes them happy.

A 1996 graduate of Hobart High School Michelle worked with astronauts from NASA for 10 years. Ham stressed to students that every path they take matters. Early in her career there were assignments she didn’t enjoy and some assignments she almost didn’t take. “You can’t plan your life from A to Z.”

Ham is now an independent consultant and was instrumental in creating the Mission Discovery camp at Valparaiso University. Michelle has a passion for space training and wanted to bring her focus back to her roots in Northwest Indiana.