Student Common Room (MEH 134)

Meier Hall room 134 serves as the Computing and Information Sciences / Mathematics and Statistics Common Room.

It provides a casual space for faculty/student interaction, supports help sessions run by teaching assistants, and hosts some events for the Math Club and the local ACM/ACM-W chapters.  In addition to the whiteboards, couches, armchairs, and a large meeting table, it has

  • cell phone charging stations,
  • a projector/screen and speakers linked to a PC
  • a small work area,
  • laptop-friendly power arrangements,
  • sets for chess, checkers, cards/dice, backgammon, and go
  • microwave
  • refrigerator

It is decorated with a combination of Math/CS-related works, alumni donated art, as well as some pieces created by artists from the NWI Region.

Several student groups hold project team meetings here and it is one of the default locations for TA-led held sessions for CIS.