Jordan James

Consultant, Deloitte Graduated: May 2019
Degree: B.S. Accounting

Best memory from your Valpo days:

My favorite memory from my time at valpo as a student was in Professor Stuck’s International Business course where I got to share my story of how I arrived at Valpo along with bringing my favorite Jamaican dish for the class to have a taste of Jamaica.

How Valpo prepared you for your career path:

Valpo’s business school and in particular Accounting major provided me with the ability to think analytically, critically and work in a team environment which is currently pivotal to my current role at Deloitte. Additionally, the presentation skills that were required for most courses prepared me with the necessary confidence to present in clear, concise and eloquent manner which is beloved in the corporate world by management and clients. Further, the necessary time management skills developed balancing both academics and the men’s soccer team schedule were essential to my smooth transition into the workforce which requires heavy multitasking at times.

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