MyLinh Mac

MyLinh Mac

MyLinh Mac Graphic Designer and Visual Artist Graduated: May 2016
Degree: B.A., Art

Best memories from your Valpo days: 

Undoubtedly, Valpo helped me grow and transformed me into someone I always wanted to be, an outgoing and inspiring person. During my times here as an undergrad, I have met and get inspired many people from around the world and together, we created many priceless memories to treasure for life. One of my best memories from Valpo was VISA’s Great Gatsby Spring Gala during my sophomore year in 2014. One of my fellow VISA e-board members asked me for some crazy idea for a spring event since we just ‘survived’ a hideous winter. With my creativity, I told her about my obsessed with The Great Gatsby movie at that time, so why not take it to the next level and bring it off campus on a party bus or even a boat (as a joke of course). Surprisingly, a week after, she came back to me and said we had a budget and approval from the student senate to make it happen and the rest was history. We had the time of our life on the Chicago river cruise!

After I got my MA in 2016, I moved to Chicago to start up my career and received my MA in Art Education last year from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My last 4 years living in Chicago has been the most transformative time of my life included many professional opportunities working with many prestigious Chicago organizations; Darryll Schiff Fine Art Studio as their Head Assistant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago student teacher, and the En Foco Gallery as Media Director. I have built a professional portfolio of contemporary body works exhibited at galleries, showcases, institutional art museums, and private collections across the US and internationally, including Canada, Australia, South Korea, Italy, and Hong Kong.

2020 have been a wild journey for everyone, I am humbly and proud to share my most recent accomplishments with our community. As an active member of the global design and art scene, I am currently a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painting Society (NOAPS), Oil Painting of America (OAP). I am also honored to be one of the jury members for many global-scale art and design awards such as the Creative Communication Award (C2A) in Los Angeles, Lorenzo Il Magnifico Award & The Leonardo Da Vinci Award in Florence Biennale-Italy, Davey Awards in New York, and Creativity International Awards in Louisville- Kentucky.

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