For students, faculty, or staff working on digital video or photo editing, advanced web design, or audio manipulation and editing there is an Advanced Media Lab on the first floor of the Christopher Center to assist with your needs. The Advanced Media Lab consists of:

  • Two MacPro workstations running Yosemite (OS X 10.10) with Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • Two Optiplex 990 workstations running Windows 7 64-bit Pro, and
  • Two 2 DELL XPS-6 workstations running Windows 8.1.

Software available per workstation may vary. Those working on media projects are given priority use of these workstations.

Media Lab File Storage

Files should not be stored locally on the advanced media lab workstations but rather burned to a DVD-R/RW, saved to a flash drive, or saved to your H: drive (personal network storage) or S: drive (academic or department shared storage). The AML workstations will be routinely cleaned and files saved locally will be permanently lost.


Audacity is a free, cross-platform sound editor for use in the Advanced Media Lab or available for download. There are several online tutorials and resources that will help with your projects:

Online Software Training for Apple Software

These courses, and many more, are available to all Valpo students, faculty, and staff at no charge through our Online Training Library subscription.