Asian Studies Curriculum

Asian Studies Concentration (Minimum 21 Cr.)

Courses with an asterisk (*) have prerequisites

In addition to completing the Global Studies Core and specific concentration requirements, all majors are required to complete a major or minor in French, German, or Spanish, or a minimum of 16 credits of Chinese or Japanese language.

Global Studies Core (6 Cr.)
WLC 150Global Perspectives3 Cr.
WLC 493Senior Seminar3 Cr.

Core Course (3 credits):
ASIA 140Intro. to Asian Culture3 Cr.

Support Core (18 credits):
Choose 18 credits in the following list of electives, from at least two different disciplines, in consultation with the Asian Studies Advisor:

ASIA 290Topics in Asian Studies3 Cr.
ASIA 390*Seminar in Asian Studies3 Cr.
ASIA 386*Internship in Asian Studies1-4 Cr.
ASIA 495Supervised Reading and Research1-3 Cr.
CHIN 200Contemporary Chinese Culture3 Cr.
CHIN 291Topics in World Cinema (when on Asian Topics)3 Cr.
ECON 290/390*Topics in Economics (when on Asian Topics)3 Cr.
GEO 301*Regional Geographies of the World (when on Asia)3 Cr.
HIST 341*Revolution and Its Roots: The Making of Modern China3 Cr.
HIST 342*Tragedy and Triumph: The Making of Modern Japan3 Cr.
HIST 393*History Through Film (when on Asian Film)3 Cr.
JAPN 200Japanese Literary Studies3 Cr.
JAPN 250Topics in Japanese Literature and the Fine Arts3 Cr.
PHIL 220*Asian Philosophy3 Cr.
POLS 332*Politics of China and East Asia3 Cr.
PSY 325*Cross-Cultural Psychology3 Cr.
PSY 365*Psychology and Religion2 Cr.
and PSY 367*Buddhist Perspectives on Psychology and Religion1 Cr.
THEO 363*Religions of China and Japan3 Cr.
WLC 280*Experiential Learning in World Languages and Cultures1-3 Cr.
WLC 290Topics in World Languages and Cultures (Asian Topics)3 Cr.
WLC 486*World Languages and Cultures Internship1-3 Cr.