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Scholarships – Asian Studies

As you chart your course for personal and professional fulfillment, we invite you to consider Valparaiso University’s Global Studies major with an Asian Studies concentration to give you a competitive advantage in today’s global market. With Asian Studies as your concentration, you’ll also have the opportunity to apply for a renewable scholarship of up to $4000 per year, the C.V. Starr Scholarship for Asian Studies, which is offered to incoming freshmen and transfer students in addition to other scholarships, grants, and loans.

East Asian studies

A leader in East Asian studies among schools of its size,

Valpo is known for preparing highly knowledgeable and creative graduates with a deep understanding of an interconnected and complex world. Located southeast of Chicago, Valpo promotes cultural exchange and a comprehensive educational experience for students around the world and study opportunities that span the globe.

Students of the Asian Studies concentration will enjoy an array of learning opportunities on and off campus that include language study, a rich list of topics classes on Asia, Study Abroad centers in both China and Japan, active student clubs, cultural festivals such as International Food Bazaar, Feast from the East, Chinese New Year celebrations, and more.

Any Valpo-bound freshman or transfer student may apply for the Asian Studies Scholarship.

To receive the scholarship, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Apply to Valpo and be admitted.
  2. Declare a Global Studies major with an Asian Studies concentration. In order to renew the scholarship, the recipient must continue in Asian Studies throughout their study at Valpo.
  3. Submit a FAFSA.
  4. Demonstrate a strong interest in Asian Studies by submitting the scholarship application.

For more information regarding the scholarship and/or the Asian Studies program at Valpo, please contact:

Dr. Fontaine Lien

Department of World Languages and Cultures
Email: fontaine.lien@valpo.edu
Phone: 219.464.6299