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German Theaterfest


Twentieth Annual Theaterfest:
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Valparaiso University German faculty and students invite you to participate in Theaterfest, where your students can showcase their theatrical and German skills, meet German students from other high schools, and have a glimpse into what university-level German students are like.

  • When: Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 9 am – 1 pm (arrival beginning at 8:15 am; event starts at 9:00 am)
  • What: Drama competition: 10 – 15 minute dramatic scenes memorized and presented in German. Scenes could be adaptations or excerpts from plays in German, dialogues written for language learners, or original works composed by the students and/or the instructor. Memorization is encouraged, but a prize may be awarded in a separate category for students who read from scripts.
  • Where: Valparaiso University: in the Center for the Arts.
  • Who: High School students of German from northwest Indiana schools. One school may enter up to three performances in the competition, but teachers in larger programs may contact Tim Malchow about the possibility of bringing more.
  • Why: Let’s show our students that they aren’t alone in their study and use of German. There is a whole community learning and using German every day! This event addresses all five “Cs” and all of the standards!
  • Register by February 15. We need a headcount by this date so that we can order lunches and make preparations. To register, send an email (tim.malchow@valpo.edu) with your name, your school, the total number of students you will bring, and the title of each performance. For each performance, indicate whether the students are Intermediate (German II-III) or Advanced (German IV-V). You may bring a maximum of three groups to perform (or contact Tim Malchow about possibly bringing more).
  • Obtain permission from your school to attend. Arrange transportation to Valpo.
  • Collect $13 registration fee per student (includes lunch). (German instructors and students on reduced or free lunch are our guests.) These funds can be brought with you to Theaterfest.
  • Rehearse your students! Check the Judges Sheet (PDF) to share our criteria with your students.
  • Organize event logistics and welcome your students.
  • Plan for a box lunch for everyone.
  • Arrange for Valpo student hosts and judges.
  • Hand out awards.