Aaron Whitmer

Aaron WhitmerGrowing up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the first stages of my life were lived in a good, but small world.  Since I first moved away from there at the age of eighteen, I feel like the world has constantly been expanding for me.  Since 2005 a major part of that expanding world has been China.
Teaching English in China provided me with my first intensive exposure to Chinese language and culture.  Through this experience I discovered that I am truly fascinated by Chinese culture, history, and literature and truly enjoy studying the Chinese language. 
After having lived three out of the last five years in China I am now ready to settle back into the midwest.  Through my continued studies in Chinese I am working to obtain the skills that will help me forge connections between my second hometown, Chicago, to China and the rest of the international community.
I have been really pleased to have the opportunity, through the MACS program, to be able to continue developing my Chinese skills while being back home close to friends and family.