2011 CJSP Spring Research Seminar


Urban Japan: Past and Present

Research Seminar

The Chinese and Japanese Studies Program (CJSP) is pleased to announce that it will co-sponsor with Christ College a research seminar in spring 2011. 

Urban Japan: Past and Present This seminar will focus on urban life in Japan in both the past and present.  In order to target our discussions, we will focus on Kyoto and Tokyo through four units on: Heian court life, the rise of Tokyo, the postwar reconstruction of Tokyo, and contemporary Kyoto as living history.  Select readings from literature, history, and anthropology will guide us through the issues inherent in urban life in Japan drawing on the similarities and differences from our own sense of urban life while tacking back and forth between historical accounts and contemporary incarnations.

In addition to regular classes, this seminar features a subsidized 10 day field research trip to Japan during spring break. The seminar requires each participant to complete a scholarly research project including a 25 page research paper on a topic related to urban Japan based in part on the field trip.  Professor Prough of Christ College, a specialist in contemporary Japanese Culture, will teach this course and lead the field research.  Urban Japan: Past and present will be cross-listed as EA390/CC325.

Prerequisites: This research seminar is open to all students. However, to register for the course, a student must: 1) have completed or audited at least one course on Asia prior to spring 2010; 2) receive recommendation from his/her academic advisor; and, 3) receive approval from Professor Prough. [See application form due 10/25]

Cost: Participation in the spring break trip is required of all registered students.  The cost of the trip for students is $800. The Chinese and Japanese Studies Program will cover most of the costs of field research trip including international travel, meals/lodging in Kyoto, Japan.

Who Should Apply: This seminar provides an excellent opportunity for upper-level students who are interested in cross-cultural analysis and/or exploring the relevance of his/her field of study in the context Japan.  There is no formal language requirement for this class.

Enrollment: Enrollment will be limited to 10. 

Registration: Due to the limited space consultation with the instructor is required.  Please submit the following application to Professor Prough (Mueller 134) by 5 p.m. Monday October 25th so that decisions can be made before registration begins on November 1, 2010.

If you want to know more about the seminar, please contact Professor Prough (x5492, jennifer.prough@valpo.edu).

Download the application here.