MSN/MBA Dual Degree

The Advanced Practice Perspective

The Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Adminstration dual degree offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to be administrators in the rapidly changing field of health care, but who also want to expand their knowledge in the nursing discipline.  According to Janet Brown, Dean of the College of Nursing at Valpo, "The nursing profession is losing the advanced practice realm as nurses continue to pursue only an MBA.  In an MBA program, the focus is on business skills.  The dual MSN/MBA degree gives nurses the ability to be better clinical decision makers because they have the advanced practice perspective."

The MBA curriculum consists of:

14 credits of Foundation Courses

26 credits of Core Courses

In addition to the MBA Foundation and Core course requirements, MSN/MBA dual degree students also take 2 MBA enhancement courses.  Enhancement courses are offered every 8 weeks and change often.  Here is a sample list:

MSN coursework includes the following:

  • BIO 590 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology
  • NUR 601 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
  • NUR 605 Advanced Health Assessment
  • NUR 606 Pharmacological Principles for Advanced Practice
  • NUR 682 Nursing Theory for Advanced Practice Nursing
  • NUR 684 Research Methods in Advanced Practice Nursing
  • NUR 686 Synthesis of Theory, Research & Advanced Practice


Students must be admitted separately to the MSN and MBA programs and are required to take the GMAT for the MBA portion of their admission.  At the Director's discretion, the GMAT may be waived based upon professional work experience and undergraduate GPA.  Applicants should turn in all MBA admission materials, in order to be considered for the waiver.

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