Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly (she/her/hers)

Associate Professor of Biology

Neils Science Center, Room 211Danielle-Orozco-Nunnelly


Ph.D. in Biological Sciences – University of Illinois at Chicago (2015)
B.S. in Biology and Chemistry – Valparaiso University (2007)

Research Interests

Subjects of Interest: molecular and cellular biology, medicinal phytochemistry, plant-microbe interactions, microbiology, plants and human health, environmental biotechnology

Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly and her students are exploring medicinal plants with the goal of discovering novel antimicrobial drugs. To do this, extracts of various plant parts (using solvents of different polarities) are tested for their effects against twelve bacterial and fungal microbes of interest, along with one human colon cancer cell line. Additionally, the Orozco-Nunnelly lab is collaborating with Valpo organic chemist, Dr. Jeff Pruet, to create and screen rationally-designed variants of several phytocompounds that were originally isolated from Argemone mexicana, a stress-resistant member of the poppy family of flowering plants. Some of the techniques used in these studies include cell (microbial and human) culture and preservation, plant growth and maintenance, phytochemical extraction, Kirby-Bauer antimicrobial testing, colorimetric assays (such as the ALP and MTT cell-based assays), as well as analytical chemistry techniques.

Dr. Orozco-Nunnelly also works on multiple projects relating to environmental biotechnology with collaborators at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico, and she periodically leads a study-abroad summer course, BIO-290, where students learn about the history, culture and traditions of Mexico, while simultaneously performing field and lab work. In this course, Valpo undergraduate students partner with graduate researchers to work on projects related to analyzing industrial waste products in the state of Jalisco and coming up with economical solutions to incorporate these products into circular bioeconomy processes. Contact Dr. Orozco-Nunnelly for more information if you’re interested!


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* Denotes a Valpo undergraduate author

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