Kristi Bugajski

Kristi Bugajski

Associate Professor of Biology 219.464.5384 Neils Science Center, 210


Ph.D. – Purdue University (2011)
M.S. – Michigan State University (2008)
B.S. – Saint Joseph’s College (Indiana) (2005)


Kristi (Zurawski) Bugajski specializes in the area of forensic entomology. Forensic entomology looks at how insects are used in a court of law. Her specialty is medico-legal forensic entomology, or how maggots can be used to estimate the amount of time that has passed since death. She is interested in oviposition timing and factors that influence oviposition.


Bugajski, K.N., C.C. Seddon and R.E. Williams. A Comparison of Blow Fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae) and Beetle (Coleoptera) Activity on Refrigerated Only versus Frozen-Thawed Pig Carcasses in Indiana, Journal of Medical Entomology. 48(6): 1231-1235 (2011).

Zurawski, K.N., M.E. Benbow, J.R. Miller and R.W. Merritt. Examination of Nocturnal Blow Fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae) Oviposition on Pig Carcasses in Mid-Michigan,  Journal of Medical Entomology 46(3):671-679 (2009).