Professor of Biology

Center for the Sciences, 108


Ph.D. – University of Washington (1993)
B.A. – Washington University (1986)


An asterisk (*) indicates that the co-author was a Valparaiso University student.

Michael K. Watters (2013) Control of Branching in Neurospora crassa., pp. 23 – 44., In Neurospora Genomics and Molecular Biology, Durgadas P. Kasbekar & Kevin McCluskey eds. (Norfolk, U.K., Caister Academic Press), (2013).

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The genetics of Neurospora crassa, a filamentous fungus. Recent work has been focused on examining the control of branching during growth. Another long-term interest is spontaneous mutation. Previous work has shown that spontaneous mutation in Neurospora varies during different phases in the life cycle. The basis for this variation has yet to be determined.

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