Professor of Biology

Neils Science Center, 105a


Ph.D. – The University of Chicago (2001)
B.S. – Purdue University (1995)


Carlson, A. L., Telligman, M. & Swanson, R. Incidence and post-pollination mechanisms of nonrandom mating in Arabidopsis thaliana., Sexual Plant Reproduction 22: 257-262., (2009)

Dobritsa, A. A., Nishikawa, S. I., Preuss, D., Urbanczyk-Wochniak, E., Sumner, L. W., Hammond, A., Carlson, A. L. & Swanson, R. J. LAP3, a novel plant protein required for pollen development, is essential for proper exine formation., Sexual Plant Reproduction 22: 167-177., (2009)

Dobritsa, A. A., Shrestha, J., Morant, M., Pinot, F., Matsuno, M., Swanson, R., Moller, B. L. & Preuss, D. CYP704B1 is a Long-Chain Fatty Acid omega-Hydroxylase Essential for Sporopollenin Synthesis in Pollen of Arabidopsis., Plant Physiology 151: 574-589., (2009)

R. Swanson, A.F. Edlund and D. Preuss. Species specificity in pollen-pistil interactions., Annu Rev Genet 38:793-818., (2004)

A.F. Edlund, R. Swanson and D. Preuss. Pollen and Stigma Surfaces: The role of structural diversity in pollination., Plant Cell 16: S84-97., (2004)


Genomics and plant evolution, using quantitative genetics to track genes that change over evolutionary time and lead to new species, changes in mate choices made by strains of the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana in geographic isolation


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