Morning Prayer is offered at 10 a.m. for 20 minutes daily, Monday through Friday each day classes are in session. All are welcome!

Morning Prayer has concluded for the school year and will resume on the first day of classes, Aug. 20, 2019.

Our theme 2018-19 was “Sacred Spaces & Sacred Stories.” For this year’s Monday Morning Prayer speaker series, speakers were invited to reflect on places and moments in their own journey where God encountered them or they grew in their understanding of God through their encounters with others. Some reflected on how location/place/space impacts our faith journey. Hear audio from Monday reflections here.

Monday Morning Prayer is Core Lab approved.

About Morning Prayer

Services are led nearly every day by students from a variety of backgrounds. You may also find one of your professors taking a turn leading the singing or sharing thoughts about his or her faith life. Morning Prayer during Chapel Break is a time for students, faculty, and staff to gather together as a community of faith. Whichever days of the week you choose, there’s time to connect with others. Each day of Morning Prayer is a different style of worship — and it’s not variety for variety’s sake, but out of respect for the varied backgrounds of students and their changing needs as they grow on our campus.

Our regular schedule of services:

  • Mondays – Campus speaker (Core Lab approved)
  • Tuesdays – A service of uplifting music and prayer for the campus
  • Wednesdays – Service of Matins, a long-standing tradition at the Chapel
  • Thursdays – Taizé Prayer Around the Cross, a contemplative service
  • Fridays – Our all-student Praise Band leads worship AND a student offers a reflection

Extending God’s Welcome & Care

Pastor Jim,
I was reading the “about” section on the Chapel’s Facebook page … and I noticed the part that says, “Through Hospitality and Stewardship we extend God’s welcome and care to all people.” I wanted to let you know how true this rang to me — I had never attended a church service in my life before coming to Valpo, yet I was welcomed with open arms. I joined Kantorei for a scholarship requirement and attended Morning Prayer services for a CORE requirement, but now I volunteer to play piano and sing for services weekly.  I feel so welcome whenever I’m there, despite having no background knowledge or any idea what’s happening (usually). Thank you for showing me what community is and for making Valpo feel more like home.
-Paige Mecyssine

Our Spring 2019 Monday Speaker Schedule:

Jan. 14 – Provost Mark Biermann

Jan. 21 – No Morning Prayer (MLK Day)

Jan. 28 – Kathleen McClure – chaplain to VU women’s basketball

Feb. 4 – Greg Jones, Lecturer in Theology

Feb. 11 – Daniel Silliman, Lily Fellow

Feb. 18 – Fr. Chris Stanish, St. Teresa’s

Feb. 25 – Dcs. Valerie Webdell

March 18 – Nicholas Denysenko, Emil & Elfrieda Jochum University Chair

March 25 – Caroline Ban, Visiting Assistant Professor in Social Work

April 1 – Dr. Karen Allen, Dean, College of Nursing & Health Care Professions

April 8 – Allannah Karas, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures

April 22 – Deaconess Kat Peters, Adjunct Instructor, International Studies

April 29 – Adam Antone, Director of Collegiate Outreach, St. Teresa’s

May 6 – Rev. Brian Johnson, Assistant Vice President for Mission and Ministry

Our Friday Speaker Series Schedule:

Jan. 11 – Nicolas Egertson

Jan. 18 – Kelly Rayner

Jan. 25 – Caylyn Moglia

Feb. 1 – Cody Wilson

Feb. 8 – Madeline Brown

Feb. 15 – Andrew Struckmann

Feb. 22 – Ty Snarr

March 1 – Jen Perkne

March 22 – Sarah Messerschmidt

March 29 – Christopher Bean

April 5 – Mary Fitchett

April 12 – Olivia Frink

April 26 – Noah Strand

May 3 – Emily Roberts


Holy Week at Morning Prayer: Were You There

We’re excited to announce that Monday through Thursday, April 15-18, Morning Prayer will take on a different format. Come and “meet” four different characters from Holy Week. Hear first-person narratives (You can read their scripts here):

  • Monday, April 15 at 10 a.m. – Barabbas (freed by Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus Christ) presented by Dr. Julien Smith
  • Tuesday, April 16, at 10 a.m. – Mary (mother of Christ), presented by Dr. Amanda Brobst-Renaud
  • Wednesday, April 17, at 10 a.m. – Simon (who was pressed into carrying Christ’s cross), presented by Tommy Langejans
  • Thursday, April 18, at 10 a.m. – The Repentant Thief (crucified with Christ) presented by Kelly Rayner; with members of the LDA offering footwashing ~ Gloria Christi Chapel

Our Fall 2018 Monday Speaker Schedule:

Here’s a look back at our list of speakers from the Fall Semester:

Aug. 27 – President Mark Heckler

Sept. 2 – Heath Carter, Associate Professor of History

Sept. 10 – Eric Johnson, Dean of the College of Engineering

Sept. 17 – Byron Martin, Director of Multicultural Programs

Sept. 24 – Amanda Brobst-Renaud, Assistant Professor of Theology

Oct. 1 – Cherelle Dunn, Study Abroad Assistant, International Programs

Oct. 8 – Gretchen Buggeln, Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Chair in Christianity and the Arts, Christ College

Oct. 15 – Nicolas Egertson, Senior

Oct. 22 – Ashleigh Elser, Lily Fellow, Lecturer in Christ College

Oct. 29 – Hannah Purkey, Senior

Nov. 5 – Mike Longan, Professor of Geography, Chair of the Department of Environmental Science

Nov. 12 – Susan VanZanten, Dean of Christ College

Nov. 26 – James A. Wetzstein, University Pastor

Dec. 3 – Jasmine DeLara, Junior, Communications Major




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