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Scheduling a Wedding

Scheduling a Wedding

We are once more accepting reservations for weddings at the Chapel of the Resurrection. Reservations are managed by the Harre Union. Additional information about reservations on campus can be found here.

Please follow the following steps for wedding reservations:

Step 1: Call the Harre Union at (219) 464-6787 or email them at to inquire about available wedding dates.

Step 2: Review the Marriage Service Guidelines linked below. Call (219) 464-5093 with any questions concerning the guidelines.

Step 3: Fill out the Reservation Application below. Once your application has been approved, there will be a temporary hold on your requested wedding date. Dates will not be confirmed until payment has been received.

Step 4: Once your application has been approved, you will be sent an emailed invoice. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card, and payment must be received in full within 15 days of receiving the emailed invoice.

Chapel Wedding Date Availability

  • 2024
    • June 21-22 (Friday, Saturday)
    • August 9-10 (Friday, Saturday)
    • October 11-12 (Friday, Saturday)
    • December 13-14 (Friday, Saturday)
  • 2025
    • January 24-25 (Friday, Saturday)
    • March 21-22 (Friday, Saturday)
    • April 4-5 (Friday, Saturday)
    • May 16-17 (Friday, Saturday)
    • May 23-24 (Friday, Saturday)